NZ Van Lines Christchurch Artists to Wellington Exhibition

Exhibition date: 31 May 2011 - 03 July 2011

The St. James Theatre in Wellington has very kindly offered to host an exhibition in its substantial 450sqm gallery for Christchurch artists. The freight of the artwork will be sponsored by NZ VAN Line.

The exhibition aims at supporting Christchurch artists who have lost their studios or gallery outlets.  Many well-known painters, jewellers and sculptors who have been affected by the earthquake are unifying in Wellington to showcase a large number of  original works of art. This eclectic art-show features an extraordinary variety of artworks of different media, styles, techniques and genre and offers Wellingtionians the opportunity to experience a unique presentation and to support the artists by acquiring a slice of southern art.

The show will run over a period of six weeks from the 31st of May – 5th of July.

Exhibiting Artists:


Ailish Roughan,  Debra Fallowfield, Monique Connell.



Beverly Frost, Craig Gallien,Donna Allfrey, Elana Daem, Hannah Riden, Helen Taylor, Joanne Webber, John Burns, John Brasell, Karin Lange, Michael Holland, Paul James O'Hagan, Richard Bolton, Stephanie Crisp, Mark Soltero, Kim Hennessy. Sheila Brown, Mehrdad Tahan, Kara Burrowes, Rudolf Boelee, Julie Brehm, Amanda Beddis, Maxine Burney, Lucy Mhoma,Pam Robinson, Dorothy Helyer


Fibre Artists

Andrea Doidge, Serena McWilliam.



Doug Neil, Llew Summers,  Michael Michaels, Rebecca Stewart


Mixed Media Artist

Robyn Webster